रविवार, 8 नवंबर 2009

my experience with the youngesters' counselling

i have tried my best to set things as per the need to run a free counselling and guidance to the youth in the past too. my experience in the matter is mixed one. i have started it again after seeking voluntary retirement from my job as official language officer of a nationalized bank after completing thirty years and nine months service. now i have come to realize that the children of my cousins in the village need more guidance in order to either continue or/and improve in their studies. i have started guiding and coaching them of course, free of any charges. after a hitch in the begining,they are taking interest in it and i receive response too. perhaps this might have been the reason that people invented a pharase that" charity begins at home." i am trying to follow that. i will keep it up as these were the words i listened from my interviewers for my promotion which i could not get due to myself being a non caiib, a professional qualification required in the mainstream of the bank which later on made compulsory in specialist category promotions,particularly in rajbhasha deptt as in the total of 100 marks of interview 15 marks were kept for the persons with caiib qualification.
now my students are my pleasure because they feel pleasure in their studies which takes smooth path and they feel a little tension free too. they are gaining confidence slowly. that is why i shall keep it up.
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