सोमवार, 2 नवंबर 2009

अच्छा है या बुरा है, अब तो है

It was very funny to guess who will get absolute majority in the assembly elections of 2009 in Haryana. Surprisingly Mr. Hooda was not in a position to have a simple majority in the house and he had to be content with 40 M.L.As of his party. Speculations were aired by different corners about the formation of the new governmenat in the state. Mr. Chautala with his 31 INLD mla's tried to be called by the governor to form the new government, but of no use. In the meanwhile,Mr. Hooda was able to arrange majority with the help of 7 independents and the lone member of Mayawati's BSP in a 90 members assembly. Mr. Kuldeep Bishnoi's HJC with 6 MLA's walked out at the time of proving majority by Mr. Hooda. Speculations were aired that Mr. Hooda has managed to bring this Bhajanlal's patronised party to his side with support and cooperation from Congress high command in Delhi.
Now the game has started and Hoodaji is planning the formation of his cabinet in such a way that his party's MLA's as well as the independents are accomodated. But it is not so easy. Now he will have to be more carefull and wise to show his political maturity. His acid test is nearer.On the other hand, Mr. Chautala has to keep a constant vigil on the actions of Mr. Hooda.BJP is the worst hit party in the state assembly elections. It needs an honest retospection.

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