मंगलवार, 3 नवंबर 2009

वंदे मातरम

I have come accross a news item regarding a function attended by central home minister Mr. P. Chidambram in which first resolution was passed not to sing VANDE MATRAM BY THE COMMUNITY THE ORGANISERS BELONG TO. BJP has strongly condemned the same and it was not b'caus the organisers passed such a resolution. Their contention is that by attending the function the home minister has officially given govt.'s support in a way. This is not expected in a country with secular status. He should have not gone their INSTEAD. Though some have given it their support by saying that there are many other issues which require the attention on top priority than singing or not singing VANDE MATRAM.BUT HAS THE MINISTER NO MORE IMPORTANT ISSUE TO SOLVE THAN TO ATTEND SUCH A FUNCTION? iT SHOULD ALSO BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION.

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