बुधवार, 17 अगस्त 2011

the govt.,the congress versus anna hajare

i have come across many a news in which govt. of india as well as ruling congress party's spoke persons speaking in front of media keeping all the etiquetts away. even in the parliament the minister for parliamentary affairs tried his worst to block the smooth working of the parliament. the minister of hrd is badly known for his unwanted wording. a general secretary of the party is already known for his disputed language and issues where he has crossed all the boundaries of a democratic system. all htese are well versed in the field of law. many other spokepesons of this ruling party are foolowing the same path.anna hazare is working in the right direction foolowing the path adopted by gandhiji. one mr. tushar gandhi, a grandson of mahatma gandhi has also raised his word of disagreement with anna hajare, whom some persons has called as today's gandhi. everyone knows about the zigzag political career of him. he has nothing to do with gandhism. for some time he remains in the news only due to his comments on the things happening , out of which he choose only what he finds suitable. after this he again goes to a hide for a long period.

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