शनिवार, 20 फ़रवरी 2010

lack of political will creat national problems

our leadership in politics sometime take such decisions which go wrong in the future and become national problems which cannot be handled easily and accurately by the leaders to come. problems like national language are the examples. even after that decisions like reservation on the basis of caste and now sect are such mistakes that cannot be solved otherwise now because it has taken a political turn by this time. no political party can now dare to amend it like giving reservation on economic basis, if must. now any party coming to power will not experiment on some new and practical solution for the fear of losing its vote bank. it is creating more problems and the govt. from time to time try to give solutions of the things from their own point of view which make them more complexed. take the decision of national importance in a well discussed and practical manner keeping aside the self political interests. but unfotunatly it does not happen. that is why things are going to be more and more complicated. it is due to lack of a strong political willpower.
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